Honoring Our Elders

About Us


The Rosetta James Foundation is a registered 509(a)(2) Public Charity and educational organization founded for the sole purposes of providing scholarships to deserving students and recognizing the contributions of the elderly in the community while promoting volunteerism and community outreach.

The Rosetta James Foundation honors distinguished, venerable individuals who have made stellar contributions to humankind.  The honorees are senior citizens who champion the spirit of active citizenship not to mention their shear love for serving others, communities, to include their impeccable commitment to educational excellence.


Since its inception, the Rosetta James Foundation has been able to award The Rosetta James Scholarship to deserving undergraduate students who demonstrate sound academics, the spirit of volunteerism, civic involvement, and other value adding extra-curricular activities.


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The Rosetta James Foundation is a registered 509(a)(2) Public Charity. Our EIN is 26-0527670.
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