Honoring Our Elders

Scenes from "Letter From Birmingham Jail Production





The Rosetta James Foundation's "Honoring Our Elders" Celebration is named in honor of Mrs. Rosetta James, a native of Akron, Ala., in recognition of her outstanding and extraordinary dedication and service to many communities by way of active citizenship. This spirit of unabashed selfless service has touched and uplifted many.


Mrs. Rosetta James has been (and continues to be) determined to seek and search for ways to serve the underserved, minister to the incarcerated, register citizens to vote, provide for the poor and assure hope for the hopeless throughout Huntsville-Madison County for more than 30 years, an exemplar of servant citizenship. As a civic and community volunteer, Mrs. James has been true to the spirit of community outreach throughout her adult life, an accomplishment of immense significance more so to our youth, a great way to teach and bequeath the Servant Citizenship skillset.


The Rosetta James Foundation is thankful to Mrs. James for her tireless and her undying hope, a champion spirit to serve just like that.

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